How to Pack for a Move using the KonMari method

Courtesy UnPakt

Courtesy UnPakt

By now you have certainly heard of the KonMari method.  Here are some tips based on the famed technique that will help de-stress the packing and unpacking process. 

Marie Kondo developed this organization method based on her experience as a professional organizer in Japan. Kondo instructs clients to focus on what they want to keep rather than what they should get rid of.  By changing your mindset, you can more easily decide what’s truly important for your future.

1.  Do yourself a favor and declutter pre-move.

Courtesy Community Homeworks

Courtesy Community Homeworks

Don’t pay to move stuff that you’ll end up storing forever or throwing out after you get there.  Here’s the short of it, if you can properly declutter ahead of time, your move will be far less stressful.

We know, easier said than done.  The old, “just throw it in the box” mentality ends with you having mystery boxes of miscellaneous stuff years after you’ve moved into your new house.  

Cassidy Nasello, A KonMari certified organizer in the NJ suburbs, sees it all the time. “I just unpacked a box of old refrigerator magnets with a client from her previous Manhattan apartment!  Sometimes more space can just mean more places to stash the unknown, so better to confront the useless objects in your life pre-move” says Cassidy.

2.  Have a vision of your new life.  

Think about your new home and how you picture your life there. Will you entertain a lot? Do you plan to garden? Work from home? According to Cassidy, the KonMari method encourages you to think about what is truly useful, practical or sentimental and what is stuff you just haven’t parted with yet. “People tend to keep things but I try to help them be realistic. Will you still need your city clubbing outfits? Those mismatched college beer mugs. The size 2 sequined skirt from 2005 or thirty plastic storage containers with lids that don’t seem to go with any of them.”





3.  Tackling the hard stuff

Where to begin with this overwhelming task? Kondo follows a particular order to stay focused.  First step:  categorize.  Work through your possessions in this order: clothing, books, papers.  Then move on to what Kondo calls Komono – miscellaneous items.  Finally, tackle sentimental things that take more time.


4.  Does it Spark Joy?

Having trouble parting with things?  Kondo defines things that spark joy as “ things that make you happy.”  Hold each item and ask yourself if it sparks joy OR if it has true utility for your life today.  Start with the easy wins and select your favorites.  Then do the same for the items that are easy to let go of and put those in another pile.  Thoughtfully work your way through all the items in one category before moving on to the next.  If you find yourself pausing on an item or negotiating with yourself, go back to the simple question of whether or not the item sparks joy and be honest with yourself.

5.  What is worthy of donation?

Figure out where to donate your items locally, pick a date for the donation and put that time in the calendar.  This will help you stay focused and feeling productive.

Now Move with Confidence!

Once you’ve committed to doing this with each category, packing will feel seamless since you have a clear understanding of your inventory.  You will also have a better vision of what you want to live where within your new home and what you might want to start fresh with!  Remember, once items enter a home, it is very hard to get them out.

Looking for help?  Cassidy Nasello is a Certified KonMari Consultant and practices in both New York City and Northern New Jersey.   You can book a free consult through her site .  She can also be followed on IG  

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